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Top Questions

Holistic Care Questions

There are a lot of questions that people have when visiting a new Massage Therapist. Find some of the most common questions people have below. If something is still unclear, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

To prepare for your first session try to be relaxed as possible, make sure you are properly hydrated and have whatever meal you intake should be a couple of hours before your massage. Another good tip is to be as clean as possible from head to toe. Not only will this keep your natural smells from becoming apparent in a confined space but a nice long hot steamy shower will help with the relaxation process. 
A hot long shower is not specifically necessary for a massage, but a cleansing shower is recommended.

What should I expect from my first session?

At the start of the massage you will be asked to undress to your comfort level. This is only required when receiving a table massage. A chair massage does not require the removal of any clothing. Some people are uncomfortable with undressing for a massage which is normal and understandable. How you receive your massage is entirely up to you as a client. I will always do my best to accommodate your needs in order for you to receive the best massage possible. As your massage therapist and a licensed professional you will never have to worry about receiving any judgment or shame from me.

Say Something!

Don't be afraid to let me know at any time during the massage if any pressure or technique becomes uncomfortable or too painful, everyone has different tolerance levels for pressure.  Its also important to let me know if you become uncomfortable lying in any certain position on the table. If this happens I will easily adjust you to a more comfortable position. The most important goal of the massage is for your comfortability and relaxation.

Multiple massages

Keep in mind that one massage isn't a cure all, it will help relieve muscle aches, tension etc for a period of time but you will eventually need to receive another massage. We use our bodies to do tasks and activities daily, so the repetition of those actions will build up over time causing potential tension, soreness, strains and stress throughout the body. Massage is one of the best options to alleviate these things.

Your In Charge

You are entitled to guide the massage however you please (as long as its within appropriate boundaries). If you decide you only want one part of your body worked on the entire session like your back or your feet, that is completely fine. The massage is to benefit your needs and be as therapeutic as possible.

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